Take Care of URself!

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I have been trying my best to take good care of myself this year. I have been trying to eat in as healthy of a manner as I can, and to get plenty of exercise. Here is a picture that was taken last week while I was in Houston, getting ready to leave the hotel and head to the gym.
It's amazing what a little effort can do, and how much it can pay off. Here is a picture of me around this same time a year ago. And no, I'm not like some of those other blogs that only post pictures of themselves from 10 years ago and lead you to believe they still look like that. I'll always let you know if it's not a current picture. BTW, I'm no doctor, and you should always check with yours before changing your routine in any significant way, but before I show my pic from last year, just remember: hydrate yourself, get plenty of exercise, take all your meds consistently, be sure to test your BG often, and try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. That's the only way I know to keep from looking like I used to . . .
Have a GREAT, AWESOME day!!! And Be Encouraged!