Take it with a pinch of snuff

Casting my memory back to the early 60s yes I was there my mates tried tov get me to start taking snuff get a pinch sneeze a bit into each nostril and wait well I did and it almost blew my head off laughs of course there were my mates were that type they said it was better than smoking that was the first and last time anything other than fresh air passed through my nose, seriously though peer pressure can make you do the stupidest of things no one likes to be on the outside in a group sounds strange but you can, I was 15 second week at work, no one prepares you for the outside life at school in those days it did not seem important one thing I can remember jobs were plenty in one day I had 2 how times change attitude certainly do, but I guess that's what they call progress, cannot remember as much crime as there is today might have been but no internet mobile phones or mass communications in the 60s not like today where your every movement and word is being watched heard and recorded by someone and of course snuff means entirely a different thing these days