Take This Plateau and Shove It


I wasn't quite so eager to post about my Weight Loss Challenge 2007 results this week because well... my weight didn't budge. While I'm grateful not to have gained, my motivation to continue with this healthy new lifestyle is directly related to seeing the numbers on the scale go down. I've gotta work on making my motive more health-centric and less weight-centric!

I should note, though, that I was forced off the low-carb wagon last Friday when I had hypoglycemia up the wazoo. Seems likely that this episode could have caused significant interference with my weight-loss and superb blood sugar control.


Hi Sally:

Since 5/2006, I have lost 42 pounds. There have been weeks where my weight stayed steady. Seldom did I loose more than 3 pounds during a week. I have always heard that the slower the weight comes off, no more likely it will stay off. Keep at it and good luck!