Takin it in stride

I was recently diagnosed diabetic at age 32. I’m fit 5’9 and 136 pounds so I don’t really fit into type 1 or 2 somewhere in the middle I guess. I’ve heard Type 1.5 sounds good I like to be in the middle. I have a physical job hiking through the steep forest all day laying out timber sales. The last few years I started to notice I would get light headed and feel like I was going to pass out so I always made sure to carry a cliff bar or snickers in my pack I would eat that then feel better and continue to work I joked with co-workers that I think I am diabetic and they would respond “you just have a high metabolism” which made sense to me I thought of humming birds. I have been obsessed with candy since I was a kid love sour patch kids, skiddles, good and plenty, starburst I supplied the whole crew with sugar. In fact my whole diet up to now was 98% carbs Love doughnuts, can eat a platter of spaghetti and a bucket of jasmine rice, frozen strawberry margs make me feel like I’m on a vacation in the tropics, fruit is my favorite I love to sit and eat a whole water melon and handfuls of berries and I just moved to the northwest surrounded by unlimited berries. I hate most vegis. Needless to say becoming a diabetic was my worst fear even though in the back of my head I knew I was. SO I went to a DR because I had a yeast infection which I had not had before and my online research said you should see a DR for your first yeast infection so I did that and he was suspicious I may be diabetic (I tried to tell him my sugars where high because I ate a bag of candy hearts, cookies and all kinds of sugars that day he explained thats not how it works). So he ran the test and he confirmed his suspicion and my worst fear. So he started me with metformin 500mg once a day. When diagnosed my A1C was 6.9. After 3 months I have changed my diet I changed to sugar free candy its just not as good and I try to eat whole grains but I struggle with portion sizes I like to eat a lot still dont eat enough vegis and I try to keep low fat but I do love cheese. My A1C was down to 6.2 after three months so it appears the medicine must be helping still a little confused on that. But looking back at the last few years a lot of things make sense like why I had such bad hang overs when I would drink with my friends. I will miss not being able to drink a bottle of wine and letting loose every once in a while. So I dont think I am taking it all really seriously I have never been on a diet so that worries me but I am taking small steps and will just wait and see what the next three months show and adjust as I need I will miss those good sweat times I had.