Taking a break from my pump

This is a short blog - as I’m pretty well freaking out at what is happening. Again, have a feeling due to stress of work lately that this is one of the causes for what is happening.

I am presently disconnected from Salvador Dali (my Animas 2020
pump) - as I’ve been fighting BG’s in 8-10 mmol/l / 144-180 mg/dl range for the past week - can’t bring them down. Went to bed last night with 22 mmol/l / 400 mg/dl - haven’t had this since I ate 16 slices of chocolate cake (only kidding - only had 1 chocolate chip muffin the other day for a birthday treat). Darn, I never stop making fun of this diabetes we suffer from can I? My way of handling this disease I expect, but probably not alone in how we cope with crazy periods like this.

Anyway, I decided to pull the plug (pump) at this
point in time. No air bubbles in tubing, did a test to see if insulin coming through tubing, fine. I injected my basal insulin (Lantus) and correction insulin (NovoRapid). Had a glass of water (hello - blood sugars are high).

To read the rest of my blog - please go to this link if you have the time - either comment there or here - does not matter. I’m off to check BG’s again, drink … water (feel like a camel). I need some advise from my PWD’s otherwise I think I may go more loopy then I am feeling now.

I’m the one on the left incase you are wondering <lol>

Considering I’m far from expert on anything in this field all I can come up with is: RELAX! Drink more water and take more insulin. And btw, why Novolin R and not Rapid? Oh, and keep an eye out for ketones at those levels, but I’m sure you know that after so many years :wink:

I just have a feeling relaxing might be important now. Allow yourself to have a day off work and don’t let things stress you up. When your stress level goes down, it will hopefully bring your bloodsugar down with it :slight_smile: Do something that makes you feel relaxed, be it taking a long bath/shower or take a long walk in an area you like it doesn’t matter as long as it makes you relax and forget about all those things stressing you up now.

If you need a good vent, just send me a message on here on in Facebook :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better soon hugs

Phew - thanks for pointing out my goof up - because Americans use diff insulin - I have to try to make it relate to them - so YES - am using NovoRapid (must go change link).

Ahhh Jennie - thanks for the * hugs *!

Oh - know about Ketones - but to get the kit (used to use pills to drop urine on them in my younger days) like they can in States is difficult (my endo won’t give me prescription for it as he feels it’s “unnecessary”). I may just bite the bullet and go to my pharmacy - must first search for what it is in French - as Sunday pharmacist does not speak English very well! And it’s sunny here - so a walk will do me good - first - eat some eggs :wink:

Anna, urine ketone stips (we use Bayer Ketostix for our daughter) are inexpensive - $8.97 for 50. Here’s a link to where you can buy them in Canada if you can’t get them at your local pharmacy. http://well.ca/products/ketostix_1883.html .

Thx Karen - can’t comment on your page - or send you PM - so only way to say thanks - is via this way. Got them - I registered a beautiful DARK PURPLE. Lois would like that colour, but not good for a diabetic of course.
Am going to hold out until tomorrow - as BG seems to be staying around 13-15 range (I’m usually 4-6). Pharmacist was saying if things get worse tho’ to get to ER. Hubby will be home in about 4 hours. So, will see what he thinks. I hate hospitials with a passion (tho’ I did like my time as a child when I was 1st diagnosed-they treated me so nice as a 7 year old at the Civic Hospital in Ottawa - ahhh memories of simpler days).

Hope you soon feel better, kiddo …WOW …you are organized …having Lantus available in your fridge as a pumper ??..I would need to run out to the Pharmacy first.
Any infections part of your problem ? For me Anna, I need to record on the calender , when I start a fresh bottle of NovoRapid from the fridge …past 32 days and I have Highs .
What I do , is when I am over 11 ( x 18 ) is a correction shot by needle …using the pump for me, takes too long to bring it down .
Ketostix are generally not prescription item .

I have always kept Lantus on hand, for when I travel, I may need it incase my pump stops functioning. Luckily, I only got the prescription in Sep 2009 - and it’s good until 2012. Just not sure about the NovoRapid vials - but I use those as well when travellling - so am pretty sure they are even more recent (and I use them to fill up my pump cartridge as they are smaller to transport in my carryon.
That’s what I do as well when I’m having to make a large correction - use the pen needle. I have never pumped more then 4 units of insulin - and generally it’s a Combo bolus. I may go and change my NovoRapid cartridge to be on the safe side - it seems like maybe like you say - insulin is older then 32 days. I am just afraid to go back on pump, incase this keeps on happening. Will be calling endo tomorrow - hope I can see him FAST - as I have only ever once done an last minute visit to him over the 22 years I’ve been seeing him.


Wow, scary. Hope you are making some progress, that Catalina is waiting for you to go sailing.

My basic thoughts are:

    • work on reducing stress (easy for me to say, right)
    • try injecting your basal and bolus in very different places from where your infusion sets normally go (I know, I know, you saying, “Mike! I’m Canadian, not dumb, eh?”)
    • with continued BS that high you probably need to have both a higher basal dose and a lower !:C ratio (example - if you’re 1:15 try 1:7.5)

Of course, I have to ask the obvious. You have switched NovoRapid vials right? Using a fresh vial? Is the Lantus OK (right, how would you know?), or can you get a fresh vial of that?

Fair Winds,

Anna, when ketones are that high, we have been directed to correct at a rate of 1.5X normal with rapid acting insulin and to retest in 2 hours and keep doing this until ketones are gone. If they persist, then a call to the endo or an ER visit.

Love your saddle, FCA!

So sorry, sweetie:(

Hope you get those bad boys back in line.

I read your blog, Anna… You could be fighting a viral infection …When I have viruses ( stomach or flu;, sometimes one unbeknownest to me from basic asymptomatic kiddie-bornr pathogens , as work in public schools); It is often very hard for me to get my sugars down. If you keeo a contiuanuous flow of insulin and keep drinking water, you shuld be able to avoid DKA. I have found that one initial shot for a very High blood sugae ( over 300), plus my sick day bolus pattern when i am on ther pump, generally will bring me down., I try to wear the CGMS AND test frequently to avoid lows in case I have insulin -stacked too much . Hope you start getting back in range.

God BLess, dear

I meant to say sick day “basal pattern” which is about 30% higher than normal, is what I use.

Love you all for all the help - between Facebook / Twitter and here - amazing all the advise I’m being given. Yes, have fresh vials of insulin - am going to see about going on Levemir as one PWD says she finds this better (she has an A1C of 4.8% so she’s doing something right - but that’s not what I’m trying to reach here - just more “normal” BG’s).
I have increased my basal rate - so at least I’m doing that right (here I had to re-educate myself with D when I went on the pump - and it’s actually helping me with going back to MDI for whatever length of time I’ll be doing the “poor man’s pump”).
One other D friend has said to have a blood count done - as that might indicate some kind of infection. I know I’ve been having some back/chest pains last few weeks, mainly due with indigestion, which I’ve never had before, but want to get this checked out with endo to see if it’s something else - and this might be one of the factors causing BG’s to go wacky.
Okay - off to do a ketone test (dippity do ) - test the BG - get ready for beddy byes with Lantus, yadda, yadda, yadda (yes right now a CGMS would be a really nice piece of technology to have - but alas - I don’t).

Oh Lady…Hope you get those BS’s down and feel better soon. BTW, when I was having “Hormone” menopause going on this would happen to me…sky high sugars and tons of insulin. Any hormones going nuts on you? Be well. Love ya xo

How are you Anna?Have you seen the Endo and found some solutions to the high blood glucose? Let us know what is going on, dear heart!!

God BLess,

Darling depending on the site you may absorption issue - I have had this happen a few times. While the inset is in I have a build up fat or scar tissue from my 1000’s of shots in particular parts of my body. This is the main reason to constantly check even if you appear plugged in with your pump… That’s when I resort to a large Humalog shot to bring me down and then I just put a line into a new site. In my case by this time I had about 5 bolus of different amounts and I just won’t come down. I really hate this when it happens. Hope you feel better. Mike

Just checking in - life is better currently with MDI - will be posting another blog at Diabetes1.org shortly - if I have time to post it here - I will - right now preparing for our 30’ sailboat to come across the US/Canada border tomorrow from Marblehead, MA. Then I can start to fondle her as I get to anticipate the adventures we’ll be having with her over the summer. My passion for sailboating / motorcycling sometimes takes over my life during the warmer weather (short season mind you here in Canada) - and I disappear off the grid for awhile.
Thanks for all the comments / concerns - so far - BG’s have stayed pretty good with MDI - am amazed at that - but know many others who do the same thing - it’s just a wee bit more work then pumping - have to use my sponge brain abit more as the pump made me slightly lazy as it did all the figuring out for carbs, etc. I’m admitting it to the world - I’m lazy :slight_smile: