Taking a moment to post this morning

I am now 20 days away from my d-day. First full year! Let me tell you, that to this day I remember my day like it was yesterday. In about ten days symptoms began to accrue. The thirst, and tiredness anyway. November 17, 2011 around 4 a.m. is a day and time I’ll neer forget. I was rushed to the emergency room because my parents believed I had a awful case of the flu. Upon arrival to the emergency room my bg was 621. I was slipping into a diabetic coma. Spent a week in the picu. Came home completely changed. Forever the same Kelsey, but forever changed<3

I still remember how horrible I felt when I was dxed. I hope you feel better now!

Forever the same Kelsey, but forever changed.

Very nicely put. It's been about 6 years for me and both halves of the sentence ring truer than ever