Taking my own advice

OK, so apparently you can blog on this site.

I am a little afraid because it is after all a public blog, so I can't not be writing about my latest Brad Pitt fantasies in here like I would do on a private journal. Juuuust Kiddiiing, I only fantasize about my husband... /grin

Lets start with, ummm, well, right now:

I just came back from Dairy Queen so proud cause I chose a small oreo cheesequake blizzard instead of the large size I wanted, so happy was I that I forgot to inject once I got to the car with my treat(like I intended). Then came home, sat in front of the computer , started reading the posts on TuD and suddenly realized 'holy crapola i forgot to inject', instead of feeling bad for my lack of good judgement and bad control I stopped writing a response I was posting in one of the forum Q's, googled the carb content of my blizzard, tested sugars (9.2), injected my dose of humalog + correction and voila, now i'm crossing my fingers so in an hour is back in range. I am aware that maybe the site wasn't accurate or maybe my sugars were already starting to raise when I got around to testing so the result maybe a low or a high... and that's why the finger crossing.

The old me would have burst into tears or gotten really angry at myself, not only I go get a really unhealthy treat, full of sugar and fat but I do not inject for it, what am I stupid? Well maybe, but you know what, I was happy and tho irresponsible at first, once the light bulb went on, I stopped what I was doing to do what I could do to fix it. So there, proud of myself for positive thinking. :)

Now, my good mood could be as a result of having eaten that yummy treat just now or because I had and easy day at work earlier today, I did Yoga for an hour during lunchtime, and my BG was between 5.1-6.5 all day, up until this last test. So I'm just gonna relax and enjoy it and go play some video games.

How's this entry for a first time blogger?? Anyone playing TOR?

Hey I had a small confetti cake blizzard! I was worse then you though I only tested once today and I didn’t take any insulin…this is totally unlike me but do you ever have those off days where your just so tired of the shots, I feel kinda bad and guilty but ya know tomarrow is a new day and I’m gonna get back on track! What’s your favorite video game?

Hi Shayla,

I used to... but recently I clued in that I was hurting myself on purpose, that feeling tired about it is a form of giving up on yourself, that taking those injections could be as natural for me as brushing my teeth , taking a shower or choosing what clothes I'm gonna wear today. Yeah, sometimes I don't feel like it but do I really want the consequences of not doing those things? So I try to correct it as soon as I remember or can. And don't place blame or guilt (that's the most difficult part)

Can't wait to be on the pump myself either. Is not going to be any easier, you still have to test and bolus, calculate carbohydrates, "inject" the canula, change the insulin when it runs out, ugh. But at least it will be there to remind me my diabetes is mine, and provide me with easy access, less excuses to inject, you know? With MDI is so easy to say ugh the pen is upstairs, i'll inject when i'm not in public,or i run out in the middle of shot i don't feel like going downstairs and putting a new cartridge just for 3 extra units...

Now my favourite subject: Videogames! I like a lot of them but I'm a Star Wars Geek :) I own the Wii and play MMO's on my computer almost daily.

I’m getting my pump in a week I think I’m more happy that I won’t have to give as many injections and it will be quicker to just push a button and eat instead of having to get every thing ready…as for video games I’m playing final fantasy xlll I know its kinda old but I want to hurry up and beat it so I can get the 2nd one lol

what do you play final fantasy on?

Xbox 360 but I like to play the older ones on ps2

I don’t play video games but I can appreciate everyone’s struggles and Shayla congrats ocorrecting ASAP. I am like you. S often I just say screw it. I try to have a more positive outlook now but be careful, the pump doesn’t answer all the questions. You can be just qwq much an avoider. Junk in the pump equals junk out! You have to test your sugar more and put the correct equations in the pump. At first it’s a lot of hard work but totally worth it. Keep up that good work. You have inspired me which is great! Especially first thing in the morning! Great way to start the day… Here’s to continued success!