Taking the good and the bad since being diagnose 10 years ago with type 2

BAD: Being taken to hospital thinking i was having a heart attack an finding out my sugars were at 430 a being told that I had Type 2 Diabetes

Good : Finding out that i was diabetic and just needed pills to control it

Bad: Start to get depressed and blaming myself for diabetes

Good: Starting to get sugars under control and learning about diabetes

Bad: The cost of meds kept increasing and the ability to pay was harder and harder,got off track and tried to control sugars by diet and who knows what

Good / Bad: 2006 While delivering papers had chest pain rushed to ER developed pneumonia that became more life threatening when it became empyema and could have killed me and sugars were in 500s had to have emergency surgery
developed multiple areas of nueropathy
Good part gave me a wake up call to get diabetes back under control.

Good : Found a great doctor who has helped me get things under control with my type 2

Good: Got things under control a1c down to 7.0

Bad: 5 months later body has become immune to my Pills, sugars in high 300’s and a1c to 9.7 DOC says time for Insulin