Taking the plunge

in joining a health club, that is.

DH and I went to The Institute for Healthy Living today, a new medically-integrated wellness center operated by a local hospital. We had a guided tour and they seem to have a little of everything, including indoor and outdoor walking tracks, fitness and group exercise classes, a large indoor pool, a resistance pool, cold and hot water plunge pools, and an 11,500 square foot strength, conditioning, and cardio fitness room that has so many machines my eyes were popping from looking at them. They offer a lot of classes including yoga, cycling, pilates, kickboxing, lower and upper body resistance training, and zumba. They even have a cafe that serves heart healthy and supposedly delicious foods. Most of the stuff on the menu isn’t low carb but they do have salads and a few lower carb options.

The place isn’t far at all from DH’s business and it’s right on my way to and from work so going there would be easy.

The monthly fee is slightly higher than the other local gyms but this one offers a lot more.

We’ve talked about it this afternoon and haven’t made up our minds if we’ll join but we both know we need to and we both want to. It would benefit us and give us something else to do in free time besides watch TV and play on the computers. And that has to be a good thing!

Of course, one of the benefits for me is losing weight and hopefully decreasing insulin resistance. So, we’ll see what happens.

If you have experience with a gym please share it with me. Did you lose weight? Did your insulin sensitivity increase? Did you need less or no medication after a period of time and if so, how long?

Nosey…errr… curious minds want to know. :wink: