Taking what the doctor ordered?

I have been a type 2 for 7 years. I take metformin 2000 mg and janovia… My cardio dr. wants to put me on Zocor 10 mg. I don’t have high cholestrol and he agreed with me but he says it is preventive to take it… He said diabetes raises the cholestrol and its why he perscribed it. For later in life, Gheez I am only 47… and I am jogging and lifting weights… Preventative he says!!! What are your thoughts on this way of despensing meds? If that was the case I would be a walking drug store…

Is there a history of heart disease in your family? If so, that could be why. Otherwise, I don’t understand exactly. Diabetics are prone to LOTS of things, but that doesn’t mean we NEED to take EVERY med known to man for EVERY Diabetic Complication … in “hopes” of preventing them!!

I am only 43, and do have a history of heart disease, and I myself have high blood pressure as well (with in the last year). I take an ACE Inhibitor, rather than just a plain ole high blood pressure pill., to help control that, but, it also helps to protect my kidneys. Since Diabetics are prone to kidney disease AND there is a history of kidney disease in my family. For these reason’s I am fine with taking it.

I thought maybe it might be a “drug rep pusher” kinda thing … yanno, drug reps “pushing” docs to prescribe their meds. But, Zocor is the brand name of the generic Simvastatin. MOST people will take the generic version, so, that kinda rules that idea out.

If there is no history of heart disease, or high cholesterol in your family, and yours is still doing good, I really don’t see why he wants to put you on it!? shrugs

It’s one thing to take preventative measures, but a whole 'nother thing, to take something for no good reason!


As Melissa says - consider your family history. As active as you may be, you can’t outrun a family history of high cholesterol. Alberto Salazar, the world class distance runner, recently survived a heart attack caused by arterial blockage despite the fact that he runs 30 or more miles a week. He has a family history of high cholesterol.

I also was advised to take cholesterol medication even though my numbers were fine, I’m physically active and have no immediate history of heart disease in my family - but my maternal grandfather died of a heart attack. Since I have good insurance and it was a small dose - I’m taking it. That’s the ONLY medication my doctors have recommended as a ‘preventative’ measure.

So besides checking your family history ask - can I afford it? can it hurt?


A few years ago, my endo also told me to go on one of the anti-cholesterol meds as a preventative. My cholesterol was fine, and I am very active, but heart disease does run in my family. I researched it, and I saw the study he was referring to was sponsored by the drug company that made the drug he was recommending. I made the decision not to go on it for a couple of reasons. One was that I didn’t trust the study. There may be others now. I also don’t like to take unnecesary pills. I do take an ACE inhibitor though and a baby aspirin, because that study data seemed solid to me. As other posters said, I think it’s a matter of personal decisions based on family history, activity, cost and comfort level.