Talk me into calmness and tell me about gout and getting my bg's back

Okay I am in a state of shock…I was diagnosed with gout about 10 days ago…have taken the meds, checked my diet for any foods that aren’t recommended, haven’t been in for a checkup after that. But my morning numbers have all been in the 220 - 230’s…just a little more than concerned. How long does the effects of gout last, is that it, or could there be other numbers. My arthritis is kicking in because of the weather…high’s and low fronts really make it awful…haven’t been taking pain meds since the gout…could the pain be causing stress to make numbers go up.

Has anyone had gout and how did your BG’s react?

Call to doc today.

Pain can make BG increase quite a bit.

Any kind of stress on your body - mental or physical can cause an increase in your blood sugar. In the case of the gout - if you’re in the middle of a flare up, that especially will cause a rise in your blood sugar. A stressful reaction to your high blood sugar reading can also cause it to rise further. So you are correct in that as much as you are able, try to stay calm - easier said than done! Also, you’d mentioned meds - I’m assuming that’s for your blood sugar? If your blood sugars continue to remain elevated - above 240, call your doctor who prescribed the blood sugar medication. Additional medication can be prescribed to keep your blood sugars in control untl the gout flare up passes. The other important thing is if you aren’t already doing it, is to check your blood sugars more frequently (minimum of 4 times daily if you are taking pills) so that you will see trends in your blood sugars in response to the medication you’re taking. It will help your doctor make a more informed decision about what to do with your diabetes medications. Lastly, stay well hydrated. The increase in blood sugar due to the gout should be a passing situation. If it isn’t, let your primary doctor know. Feel better!

Hope you feel better soon!