Talking about LADA (Type 1.5) on Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day

I though I’d focus on LADA as part of my post today, for Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day, since LADA (also called type 1.5 by some) is a close cousin of type 1 diabetes:

BIG HUG to all type 1’s, type 1.5’s (and type 2’s) in the tudiabetes family an beyond!!!

I’m behind in keeping up with friends but wanted to say yay for focusing on LADA!

Hi Manny,
Thanks for the add. What is if I may ask Type 1.5? My daughter has recently been dx’d with Type 1 and my husband has Hypoglycemia…I am the only one(TG) that doesnt have any type D and God willing I will never have it. Happy weekend and thanks again!

Hey I was also told by Doctors I had Type 1.5! Im glad im not the only one feeling really wierd about that comment.

I have had type 1 for 37 years and just did a capstone paper on it. Im curious why i never came across the type 1.5 in my research?

wow, I had never heard of this until I read your introduction. This is really interesting, and I may have to go do some more research and reading to understand it all! Thanks for sharing.

I had never heard of 1.5 Diabetes…I look forward to learning more about this…I have had type I for 25 years

Thank you for covering this! I’ve always thought there was type 1 and 2 until i was diagnosed as 1.5 or LADA back in 2006. to this day I still wish I was but still support LADA and continue to support those who are in my group as well

Where can a person go to learn about Type 1.5 and what it is?