Talking to Family about T2D

How did your family react to your Type 2 diagnosis? Do they respect your diet or do they try to get you to eat things that aren’t conducive to your management plan? I usually encounter this around the holidays. Lower-carb options and things perceived as healthy are usually met with a stink eye and considered to be bland. But IMO, that’s not true at all.

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My family is pretty supportive. I have several family members with TD2. But it was harder to get them on board when I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Be polite (especially to the older members) and do your own thing. Surround yourself with like people. If that is not possible, hang here for support! :blush:

My family has options available for me, sometimes my husband brings things home! But he has been doing much better after surgery last fall. If I am not sure what is going on I bring something for me. Adapting is always good. Nancy50