As tall tails go I have heard some in my time,like the big really big fish my brother caught one day but he dropped it and it scampered back into the river,never to be seen again being my brother I gave him a pat on the back and said there is always next time,always nice to say something nice to your brother even if there is a nagging doubt swimming about in your mind,or the time he said he had put a fiver on a horse and won a bundle now if it were me I would have said here bro have some of it but not my brother and I never saw him spend the money but what is a few quid between brothers always better to say well done spend it wisely,I suppose some of us tell tales big small or tiny whinny to impress others or get someone out of the hole they have dug for them self do lies count if you use one to calm or please a friend or just to convince yourself it really does not matter who amongst us can say in all honesty we are as white as snow,all though I have noticed snow that was kinda reddish in colour some even have glint of green or blue in it,of course there are some tall tails that cause death and destruction like the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq who thought of that one needs to kneel and ask forgiveness but not for me to judge i have not been squeaky clean in my life,like to tell you all about them but perhaps they will be mentioned in my diaries to be read when I left this moral coil.

What has this to do with diabetes well nothing nought nil zilch as my diabetes is with me 24/7 I need to talk about something else to take my mind of the beast, so where are we tall tails short tails or tails that change the World before writing the news the stories were spoken handed down generation to generation now all we have to do is turn on the radio television phone and it is like the 1001 tales from the Arabian fables knowing which is a tale I am hesitant to say lie is true or not is becoming a science in itself,we all have stories to tell and as lng as they do no harm keep telling.