Tandem pump users

Used the steel cannula/contact detach set for fist time in a while…The site hurt/stung each time I bolused for 3 days, then when took site out to change, was bleeding. Have you had a bad site like that? Did it affect insulin absorption? Could it be the same as the t-90 set where if the cannula is bet a little, the insulin might not be absorbed (and get stuck under site/reabsorb later?) This is a scary thought, b/c who knows how much insulin was/wasn’t absorbed.

Note that steel sets like the contact detach (also known as Medtronic Sure-T and Tandem TruSteel) are only supposed to be worn for 24-48 hours. I see so many people posting that they wear these sets for three days and are having problems, when the sets are only designed to work properly for one to two days.

The steel sets aren’t supposed to be able to kink (even if the needle gets a bit bent, it should still deliver). I personally have had steel sets stop working (evidenced by very high BG and ketones) due to allergic reactions to them. I’ve also had locations that hurt upon insertion and simply never work well, which I usually end up moving to a new location (using the same set) within an hour of insertion.