Tandem pump users

Using the steel cannula (am a bit new to this set type)…the instructional video says not to make the portion of tubing between the needle that goes in your skin and the ‘coupling housing’ (is that the name for it?) (the part where you unattached from when taking a shower) too ‘tight’, as in stretched out…I didn’t but found that when i bend or move certain ways it stretches out straight (is usually curved) and was straight for a while while sitting/bending…Is this ok, will it affect delivery? Why does vid say not to do this?

Hi @sweetgal88. Having not seen the video I can’t speak to the instructions, but I do use steel sets with my Tandem pump. In my experience (very limited compared to many users here) if the tubing between the two adhesive patches is too tight it will sometimes pull the cannula out. I generally do a “loop”. I place the cannula in and loop the other side around to form a basic U shape.

If you already have a set placed, and the tubing is stretched between the adhesive pads, just be careful to not pull on the cannula. Sometimes you can gently lift up the second adhesive patch and re-position it. If you smell insulin, your BG spikes unexpectedly, or you feel any wetness, replace your infusion set.

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