Tandem t slim users

Tandem t slim users…Got some water on pump by accident this morning, several drops on screen, don’t know how much got ‘in’ pump…Anyone ever done this? Did it cause problems with function of pump??

I believe it is watertight, that is not as good as waterproof but should protect it when it accidentally gets wet.

Knowing this I would not submerge it, at least not for any longer than it would take me to crawl out of a pool after I accidentally fell in.

I love to take baths so long that I don’t always disconnect. Hence, I drop it in the tub all the time. It’s rated as waterproof for up to 30 minutes, if I remember correctly. I don’t remember the depth, though It was a big factor for me when making the choice

You should never put a waterproof or resistant item(i.e. pump, watch, camera, phone) in hot water. It causes the seals inside to expand and could prevent them from properly stopping any water or moisture from entering.

Well, I hardly do it intentionally or for extended periods of time… But this is a feature I specifically inquired about, and Tandem staff assured me it’s designed for exactly that. Besides, it’s designed to take abuse in general.

Furthermore, there’s a warranty for pump replacement if it stops working. A few drops of water won’t hurt it… But if something freakish does happen, just call Tandem. .