Tandem X2 Basal IQ

I know this will probably be a mute subject soon but I am baffled by the Basal IQ Alerts. I appreciate that the pump stops and starts insulin delivery to prevent lows. I appreciate that I need to know when a critical low is approaching. However; during the night when the pump is functioning as it should, stopping and starting insulin delivery; I do not understand the need for constant alerts that keep me awake. I have tried to turn off all but the critical alerts and failed.

When we get Control IQ I am concerned that we will have to listen to constant alerts every time the pump initiates a change in basal, etc. If the pump is functioning as intended; why does it need to constantly alert us to the fact that it is doing so?

This may just be operator error and any help will be appreciated.

Have you been able to find a PDF online of the manual that explains this? Isn’t tech support available 24/7?

Yes, there is a PDF online but it is unclear, at least to me. I do need to devote some phone time speaking with them directly.

Why not turn the Basal-IQ alerts off then?
Go to Options, then Basal-IQ, and it has the options to turn Basal-IQ on/off, then you have an option to turn off the Suspend Alert and the Resume Alert.

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Presuming you get a knowledgeable tech on the line, they should be able to fully explain any feature(s) to your satisfaction.

I’m seconding Hammer here. The suspend alert and resume alert should have been defaulted in the “off” position, since they require nothing of you. If they are actually turned off, and still making noise, you have a defect and need to talk to customer support.

You can’t disable the critical low alarm, so if you’re over-delivering more insulin than Basal-IQ can accommodate for, you’ll still get those.

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The first day I had the program running, I had the alerts on because I wanted to see how often it was turning on and off. After one day, the alarms got turned off. I want easy and not annoying, so I turned them off and just let it do it’s thing.
I can pull reports to see how often it is turning on and off, so there is really no need for those alarms. So, my suggestion like the others, just turn them off and let it go. This system has allowed me to stop thinking and worrying about lows! I hope you will come to love this system as much as I do!