Tandem X2 Battery Life w/Dexcom G5

Is anyone experiencing horrible battery performance after the G5 integration update? I have my transmitter paired with my iPhone and my X2, I can’t get more than a day and a half out of the battery. I went to sleep this morning at 4:00am and woke up around noon to find my pump had shut off because the battery completely depleted. I went to bed with 40% battery life. This is my 3rd replacement pump since the update was released. There are no major battery drains that I can see in the settings, my screen timeout is set to 30 seconds, it doesn’t vibrate all the time during alerts. I can’t figure out what is going on with this thing. I’m about ready to just throw it away and go back to Medtronic, I don’t trust Tandem’s battery at this point. Just curious if I’m the only one who’s experiencing this issue. Thanks

I have noticed only a slight difference. I generally top off my battery every day. Before the update it would go down to 85-90% at the end of the day. Now it’s down to 80-85%. So based on that, I definitely get longer than a day to a day and a half out of the battery.

I go down about 15% a day which is not much different than before the update. I am currently using the G5 with my pump but have kept all of my alerts on the phone. So that probably makes a difference in the battery use.

You obviously hate the Tandem pump and are always complaining about it but you seem to have had incredibly bad luck in having so many problems. I have had some problems but have found solutions for all of them. So no great advice and sorry you’re having to deal with this.

If I recall from the manual, the expected battery life of the X2 while integrated with the G5 is 5 days. Non-integrated should be 7 days.

Without running our pump into the ground to test, I believe we are getting ballpark of what is expected.

I do not hate this pump, nor have I ever complained about it. My only bad experience is with the battery. I’ll charge the battery to 100% and 2 hours later I’m down to 80%. This is not normal, I’ve had three of them behave like this. I might just stop using the pump with the G5 and just use my phone as the receiver.

Laddie, I was reading a huge subreddit about the Medicare and Dexcom rule. Others in your situation who are on Medicare and using the G5 in which Medicare didn’t pay for with your phone as the receiver are going to run into problems down the line. Dexcom is even advising everyone on Medicare to stop using their smartphones no matter if Medicare paid for supplies or not. Seems, that these folks are going to get caught in a vicious circle between Medicare and Dexcom. Dexcom is so afraid of being audited by Medicare, that they are not going to jeopardize their contract, so they will report their patients to Medicare for violations of this rule. I’m sure we’ll hear of people being denied coverage in the next few months for not following the rules.

I have seen nothing to indicate that I need to change anything about how I am using my sensors until I start using Medicare-provided sensors. If I get in trouble, I will plead ignorance.

I have joked with my fellow seniors that we will have an old folks prison in San Diego for those of us with diabetes violating Medicare rules. I was going to suggest Florida with lots of pink flamingos, but I have determined that the hurricane risk is too high. :palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree:

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Seeing how this administration operates, you’re probably going to end up in some CIA black site. Hopefully, we’ll be able to send you care packages of brownies and clean socks

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My battery is also preforming about how I expect it to after the update. Little less life, but nothing I need to worry about.
And I had my galaxy s6 running the dexcom app, then my note 8 running xdrip+. Neither seem to have affected battery life or the X2.

@Hammer - Are you running xdrip+ and the X2 both connected to the G5 transmitter at the same time?

I was at a support meeting last month talking with Dexcom. And the Medicare smart phone came up. Dexcom’s concern is indeed that if they are audited and they find out people are using phones, their contract could be voided. So they are asking that people follow the rules while they continue to fight for phone use.
It would be just like a government bureaucracy to pull it after some many finally get to use it. Dexcom said they were trying to work with Medicare and jump through the many hoops a company must do.

Why does Medicare care about using your phone with dexcom?

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I think it is because they feel a phone is not a medical device?

Are you kidding? What a bunch of idiots. Hate this joke of a country.

I know Dexcom said they are working on it with Medicare but you know how slowly things move when dealing with the government. But the plea is to not do a work around and possibly have the FDA pull the ok to use it. Not sure how this is going to work or when but just hang in there. I’m hoping they figure it out for all those who want to use their phones.
I am old school and still use the receiver. And when talking with one of my CDE’s she said she has noticed quite a bit of dropped signals with her patients that use their phone.

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I still use my receiver too and stopped the app on my iPad because of missed signals but that doesn’t justify this craziness. I’m not on medicare yet so I guess it’s not an issue for me.

I am running xdrip+ on my phone at the same time as the X2.
I have to say though, the readings are not nearly as close as I would hope.

@Hammer - Interesting. I was not aware that was even possible.

When you do fingerstick calibrations, do you find the meter reading closer to the cgm data as provided by the xdrip or the X2? (And which meter are you using?)

Per my understanding, the X2 uses the exact same algorithm as the Dexcom Mobile App and the Dexcom Receiver. The xdrip+ software has its own algorithm which was developed outside of Dexcom. The two algorithms do not generate the same end result. Which is not to mean one is or is not better but the (apparent) fact is they are different.

I find the X2 to be the same as Dexcom was on my old phone.
The Xdrip+ is definitely different. Sometimes it is better, and other times the X2 is better.
I used the Aviva Connect for my meter, which has been a fairly accurate meter for me (Only thing the VA will provide, so my only choice unless I go out of pocket.)

One thing, I have to enter calibrations into BOTH the X2 and Xdrip+. I am not all that thrilled about this, it just seems like they don’t want to work together.
I like how Xdrip+ does the predicted low though.

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