Tandem X2 Charging

I have been with a Medtronic pump for quite a few years. When the battery gets low you take it out and put in a new AAA battery. T Tandem pump uses a rechargeable battery. How long does the charge last and when do you charge it and how long does it take?

Mine lasts ~ 5 days average, and. Occasionally 7 days. I charge at night when. I’m sleeping or while I commute. It’s quick

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We charge it during showering.


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Really never been a problem. I just charge when I shower & drive. Never gotten close to no charge.

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I don’t have a cgm yet, so mine goes about a week between charges, and even then I don’t think it’s ever been lower than 35%. When I do charge it, I usually disconnect for an hour or so. It’s always back to 100% in that time frame. It may take much less time, but I’ve never watched it.

You can charge from any micro USB, so basically anytime you’re stationary and near an outlet. While driving, watching TV, relaxing in bed, working/studying at a desk, bathing/showering, etc… You don’t have to disconnect either, many just find it easiest to charge when they would be disconnected anyways.

Charging is one of those things that seems like a big deal upon considering the pump, but turns out to be no concern whatsoever after living with it for a few weeks.

I would recommend having one of those portable battery packs for charging cell phones and whatnot. We have a slew anyway, since my husband is obsessed with emergency preparedness, and it’s always nice to have a backup plan. Even the smallest “lipstick” sized one I have will give me 2-3 full charges. The pump isn’t like a power hungry cell phone. It’s remarkably power efficient and easy to live with.

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Yeah, I think if you use rechargeable diabetes tech stuff you should have a portable charger for your emergency kit. My children got me one for Christmas a few years ago. It’s solar so if we have an emergency situation, I can just put the portable charger in the sun and in a few hours it’s ready to charge my pump, receiver, meter and of course phone. But I never really let anything get close to running out of power. I love the fact that I no longer am throwing batteries into the recycling battery bag.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Since being a fast charge takes care of my question.