Tandem X2 How Long to Process Order

The warranty will be up on Medtronic pump in two weeks. My current Minimed broke a piece of plastic at the top where the cartridge goes in so I hope that it will not give me a problem. How long does it take to process the paperwork and they ship you the new pump?

It really depends on your insurance and how much back and forth they demand with the doctor, and how fast each is to respond.

In my case, it took 3 days. I was shocked. This was my first pump and I expected more formality, signing a contract, SOMETHING. But instead I just got a call 3 days later from someone at the DME supplier confirming my shipping address, with nothing more done on my part than filling out the online inquiry. I’m just glad that was the pump I had already decided I wanted for sure!

This doesn’t seem to be typical, though. Seems to be your best bet is to keep following up with Tandem, insurance, and your doctor, to make sure whoever has the ball is doing something with it, or you might fall into one of the paperwork cracks.

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It depends on your insurance and dme supplier in terms of validating the benefits. This varies. I started switch last April, and took about 3 months because insurance required C-peptide test results. Due to covid, lab required to make appt for blood work, and fewer patients per day. Then I got run around between DME provider, Tandem and insurance as to what hold up was. Some due to covid and often short staffed or challenges communicating with many employees switched to WFH. Long wait times on phone, and sometimes disconnected.

Finally got pump early August. But had plenty of medtronic sets to cover this time, and then delayed Tandem start to accumulate some backup Tandem supplies, and meet with my endo.

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It took me a week

It took me 3+ months to get my X2 but that’s mostly because my endo’s staff are incompetent. Once tandem finally got all the paperwork they needed it was just a few days until I received my pump. The training was also delayed since I didn’t have a prescription for either Novolog or Humalog type insulin and once again my endo’s staff couldn’t seem to figure out how to send a prescription to the pharmacy :woman_shrugging:.

A lot of the hold up is the paperwork between Tandem and the doc. Especially if the doc is part of a large practice it can be terrible.

Faxing paperwork from Tandem to the doc can be a nightmare. Guaranteed the doc will say they never received. Tandem will say they faxed.

Email is better.

I’ve actually had them email me the paperwork and then I uploaded to my patient account with the doc. Then sent the doc a message saying here’s the paperwork please complete ASAP…That way I know exactly where the paperwork is and not watching both sides pointing the finger at the other.

So I guess think how responsive your doc currently is to paperwork and following directions(yes that thing you learn in kindergarten😀) That will give you an idea how long you will be waiting.

I should have mentioned that I have Medicare as primary and BCBS as gap.

Medicare will require c-peptide and maybe other labs if this is first pump under MC.

2nd pump under Medicare