Tandem X2 IQ/G6 update

Ok, I know, you must all be sick of me talking about my lovely new system. And I know, this system will not work for everyone. We all want and need different things.
That being said, I can’t tell you how happy this system makes me! Every time I think about it or talk about it, a huge smile breaks out on my face.
First the G6 is amazing. I was one of those people who never trusted my G4 and always tested before dosing. I always felt it wasn’t as accurate as I wanted it. But one of the doctors I work with suggested I back off a little. And I did and did dose off it and never had any issues. So going into the G6 system and never having to calibrate, I was all in. My first sensor I tested a few times throughout the 10 days and found the first day was the only day I had any problems with numbers not lining up. So I did calibrate once with the first one. The second one I had some connection issues in the first 5 hours and it asked for some calibrations. I thought I might be losing it, but after the first 5 hours, it settled down and worked perfectly. So perfectly that it was right on with lab testing during an overnight stay, where I was being testing as often as every 15 minutes or every hour. It was a couple points off every time. Amazing! This last sensor has been right on but again I tested that first day and did calibrate, it was off 30 points. I havitested since. It has been 7 days since I tested my blood sugar and I must say, it is great! One less thing to think about, one less thing I have to spend money on. So darn sweet! My next one is due on the 6th and I think I am going to let it ride and not calibrate and see what happens.
And of course I feel very good about that choice because the IQ is keeping me safe! My urgent lows are almost completely gone! And my lows have been cut by much more than half! I turn off the alarms so I don’t hear it going on or off during the night. It just does it’s thing. Wonderful getting a good night sleep. I do turn it on during the day because I just want to see it doing it’s thing. So very, very cool.
My last A1C was 6.0. A little lower than I would like. I am happy with anything under 7.0 but this was kinda low for my comfort zone. And I expect my next test to be higher due to the fact I am no longer having lows. But my in range numbers are better than I have ever seen and when the next down load becomes available, it will only get better.
So do I love this new system?! You bet! Never been a huge tech fan but wow, this has made my life so much easier!


I have the G6 as well and will start on the Tandem pump at the end of the month. I’ve also had similar issues with the G6 after the initial warm up of a new sensor and I’ve learned to just leave it alone for a couple of hours of it starting to transmit readings. I don’t even try and calibrate it straight away even if it gives the pesky false low straight out of the gate (No, I am not actually low). I am closing in on 90 days with the G6 and my fingers are praising the stars for no longer being repeatedly stabbed.

I love your enthusiasm, Sally. The daily burden of diabetes is large due to its all day, every day, never-ending character. Being relieved of any of the tasks that comprise that burden is certainly a pleasure.

I’ve had much the same feelings with my Loop system and certainly understand the huge smile that breaks out on your face. Gluco-normals can’t really understand the pleasure we take in simple burdens being removed, burdens we carried for decades.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your A1c number. The important statistics are time in range, time low, and glucose variability.

It’s enjoyable for me to read about someone enjoying success using the new technical treatments. With so much misery associated with diabetes, your story is a breath of fresh air!

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Our A1c has also dropped since being on Basal-IQ. However our time in hypo has also reduced.

The Dexcom graphs show an overall tighter pattern. Actually a fairly significant change.

I am all thumbs-up with the Tandem Basal-IQ algorithm.