Tandem X2:Slim - Font Size

I am thinking of switching to the Tandem x2:slim from my medtronic 723 (now 8 years old). I was using the tandem simulation on android, and some of the screens it was difficult for me to read (I need new glasses … currently on order).

I am not sure if the simulation is a direct 1:1 size on my samsung galaxy phone.

Is there a way to make the fonts larger, or zoom in on a portion of a screen (ie thumb and index finder move apart) - similar to many other screen based devices?

Nope, what you see is what you get on the pump.
Not sure if the phone does it 1:1 scale or not.
I can see mine just fine with or without glasses though.

OK, thanks. I will wait for new glasses to arrive before I make decision. My eyes are bad (not diabetes related though).

My eyes are not too bad, just a little farsighted.
I actually keep my pump IN my spibelt, and I can read and use the touchscreen through the belt’s material just fine for almost everywhere except bright sunlight.

I downloaded the app out of curiosity. The pump size on the screen is definitely not regulated. It was displayed way bigger on my 6 inch screen than my actual pump. I can also see your problem with the app. It is very fuzzy and the color contrast is off. It doesn’t look quite like my screen because of that.

I’m very near-signed, but only wear my glasses for driving or when I otherwise need to see clearly. Most of the time I just live in my bubble. I have no issues with the actual pump screen, though. It’s bright and sharp. Sometimes a little too bright if you check it in the night, there’s no dimmer. The app pump is awful to see, though.

Tandem has an app for iPhone and Android which is a simulator for the pump. I just checked on my iPhone, and it has the same font size as the actual pump.

I suffer from presbyopia which basically means my arms are too short. Actually it is a form of age related farsightedness that many suffer from.

I cannot read my pump without my glasses but I can’t read anything without my glasses unless the print is fairly large. I could function very well without glasses if not for things up close, my overall vision is OK but I have to read so my bi-focal glasses are like my pump, they are always with me.

I’m legally blind, and the small, low-contrast fonts on the t:slim are a major concern for me. There are no options to adjust font size or contrast. I like the sounds of the t:slim, but the small, low-contrast font is one of the major reasons I hold back.

I’ve never had any other pump. Do other manufacturers let you change the font size?

I used the tslim for about 2 days and disconnected it on the 3rd. I had trouble understanding the .1 unit basal rate. I am very sensitive and need .025 and .075 basal rates which the tslim could not deliver. I too, found the font size really small, the 3 taps needed to unlock the screen and the 3 strike rule when your clumsy fingers don’t tap correctly really annoying.

Nothing could be harder to read than my 523 Medtronic. It’s 6 years old scratched in the middle of the night I have to sort of guess. The tandem simulator was good enough to read so I ordered one. My minimed mini link is all but dead now. That’s right minilink that’s pre guardian. I got 6 years of continuous use I dont know how. It will only charge for 3 days now so I’m moving to dex.

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