Tandem x2 users

Can you place the ‘bridge’ part of pump tubing of steel cannula, (the part you hook/click together /disconnect to shower etc) on your abdomen facing down/upside down so when you go to click/hook the long tubing in, that part that you insert (needle part of longer tubing) is facing down/toward the floor? It doesn’t have to just be placed horizontal? Will upside down cause more insulin to be delivered bc of gravity/leak?

Assuming I understand your ask correctly @sweetgal88 , I don’t know that I’ve ever given it a second thought once the cannula is placed. Though if I’m using steel sats I do try to put a loop between a cannula and the extra adhesive bit, but I never worry about the orientation of the tubing leading into the cannula. Thus far I have had zero problems with extra insulin or air bubbles or anything else

The X2 CANNOT “leak” insulin as the syringe-style reservoir pumps can. That was pretty much the entire premise behind the original T:slim and why the Type 1 developers wanted a better pump. Tandem’s pumps have you completely isolated from the insulin, as it’s in a confined chamber.

There’s not a lot of talk anymore about the safety benefits of their Micro-Delivery Technology, as the focus has switched to Control-IQ… But it was the original selling point, along with the small form factor.

So basically, it doesn’t matter the slightest bit how you orientate your sets. You will always get the amount of insulin you requested, excluding Control-IQ interventions.


I install mine in all different orientations. They will be fine. I put them in upside down when I use my hips behind me.
I put the right side up in the front.
The insulin is pushed with the pump so gravity is not an issue
I did same with Medtronic sets too