So I just got my Tandem pump I like it but it is certainly different and a long process to load the insulin into this pump. I would love to hear from other people who are using this pump and if they like it any problems or helpful tips they could give me.

Could you provide a little more detail?

In your experience, what about the process of filling a cartridge and/or priming a new infusion set takes “longer”?

What about the pump leads you to describe it as different?

What pump did you use prior to this Tandem? Which Tandem pump did you get? t:slim, G4 t:slim, or t:flex?

How/why did you decide to start using a Tandem pump? Did you investigate or do a demo of the pump before getting it? How did your doctor feel about going with Tandem?

Just questions which come to my mind. I’ve been looking at the Tandem pumps from a distance. I will be considering switching to a new pump sometime after March of 2017.

Bubbles can be a big issue if you’re not careful filling the cartridge. Tapping the cartridge a few times helps movethe bubbles up to the tubing. The process does take longer compared to the Ping, which is the only comparison I can make.

The delivery is very different as well, but that’s not a bad thing IME. My daughter’s basal dropped from 30u/day to 20u/day on the t:slim. Bolusing takes longer, especially larger amounts.

Overall, I’m happy with the pump, & my daughter loves it.

I agree it takes longer than my Medtronic pumps did. Medtronic was set and ready to go very quickly. The t:slim takes a lot more time to set it up. Not a deal breaker for me but was noticeable.

I previously had the Animas Ping and my warranty was up it was a tough choice do I stay with Animas or try a different pump. I looked into all of them they all had pros and cons to them my doctors office gave me a brochure about Tandem they really seemed to like this pump and have alot of patients on them. Years ago I had a Medtronic pump customer service was terrible. I then switched to Animas ping I loved that the meter worked with the pump it was a nice feature you would test your blood sugar and you could give yourself a dose right from the meter. But then again not great customer service they only called me when my warranty was up. My doctor’s office could never upload my pump at the office it was always a problem. The G4 Tandem is smaller the insulin part has a bag inside where the insulin goes you have to draw the air out first then put the insulin in then get all the air bubbles out and the area is small to see as well. I am sure after doing this a few times I will get the hand of it the cool thing is I have the Dexcom Share. so my husband can see my blood sugar all day on his Iphone and my doctor can pull up my readings as well which is cool. I just got it this week so it is all new to me the technology is great but it was overwhelming they just switched my insulin from Humalog to Novalog due to my insurance and then I got a new pump I was nervous regarding both happening at the same time.

That is good to know the Animas was too fast of a delivery and would burn and cause low blood sugar many times that was a big problem with that pump. I know when I get use to this new Tandem it will be easier for me I am glad you like the pump and your daughter loves it.

I use one needle per insulin bottle. It cuts down on me opening so many packages. I also pre fill the cartridge when I am getting low and take it with me everywhere. I change it when I have less than 5 units remaining. Doing this cuts down on how much time it takes to fill a cartridge.