Tanning beds and insulin pump

Might be a stupid question, but I've joined a gym and they offer unlimited tanning. Can you use your pump while in a tanning bed? Or will the UV lights mess with it. I hate to unhook if I don't HAVE to, but lol I dont want to screw my pump up either.

Pump issues aside, say no to tanning...all evidence suggests it's really not good for you. Stick the to gym :)

I've not heard anything positive about tanning beds, but if you want to do this just take the pump off. After all you're not going to be on a tanning bed that long. I take mine off at the beach (salt & sand) and fingerstick every hour. Never a problem.

That's cool, I probably wont use them to often as they tend to dry my skin out really bad, but I've used them occassionaly in the past but that was bp....before pump, lol.