Tape for the Mio’s

Any good tape ideas specifically for the Mio’s? I found one slowly starting to creep out last night and love that they are so tiny but still wondering how to tape around it? :thinking: Here’s a picture of one

in case someone’s unfamiliar with the size of them. Even if you don’t use them you might know of some tiny tape that will help.

How long to you use each Mio cannula? How do you prepare a prospective site before you insert it?

My son has worn Mio for years and never had a problem with the adhesive but we change his infusion set every 2 or 3 days never more. However we use opsite flexifx tape to tape down his Dexcom sensor. Opsite comes in a roll o we just use little strips as needed. Also, my son is allergic to some adhesives but he is not bothered by opsite flexifix.

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I use SKIN TAC to make the adhesive tape stick to the skin like crazy. I apply it before inserting my infusion set, inset 2, similar to the mio. I also apply skin tack before I insert my Libre sensor. It stays in place for as long as I use it. 3 days for the inset 2, 14 days for the libre. No prob.

I also use Skin Tac, but I have the liquid in a bottle that you brush on. I apply it first to my skin and then to the back of the pod (omnipod). I have very sensitive skin and I have no trouble with Skin Tac, except to say sometimes, in some locations, it (the pod) isn’t the easiest to get off.

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These are excellent

Sometimes they are cheap on ebay - outdated work fine

The IV3000 is also avaleble as infusion dressings. It has a hole in the middel.

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I cover my contact detach with opsite flexfix which works well. You can cut a hole in it for your inset.

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The 670 has a reminder that I love to change the set when the time comes. :slight_smile: I use alcohol and have had to use some tegaderm. The tegaderm seems to help. I sleep like an octopus with the tube. I’ll admit getting used to the tubing again has been quite the challenge. I miss the freedom of the Omnipod but so far I’m impressed with the 670. I haven’t been able to go out and drink a huge milkshake with no problems like I had hoped but hey, maybe one day. :slight_smile:

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Those have NEVER actually stuck to my skin. They basically just peel right off. I’m assuming it’s where I sweat entirely too much while I’m so active. I wish tegaderm had one with the center cut out.

Something like this??

A Sweet Life recently had an article on adhesives for devices. Might give some ideas.