Tapping feeling on leg

So I have a new symptom that I don’t understand.
It levels like someone is tapping me on my leg. Only on my right leg sort of near the front not quite on my shin.

At first I thought it was just a one off muscle spasm similar to an eye twitch, but it has been persistent for several days. Not constant, but often. It often taps for a few mins then ends with a tingle.

I have had restless leg syndrome but it’s not severe unless I drink wine, then it’s intolerable.

I’m wondering if this is vascular or nerves or what.
I know diabetics can have PAD but the symptoms don’t match.
Also doesn’t seem like neuropathy. I exercise everyday.
I realize this may not be diabetes related but thought I would put it out there

You might be familiar with outright leg spasms when you are dehydrated or low in electrolytes (esp potassium).

There can be a much more marginal form of this that feels like a series of little taps without an outright spasm.

Cure for the above is proper hydration and more potassium (e.g. bananas!) if you’ve recently added or changed blood pressure medication this might be a reason for change in your body’s hydration.

Also in dry weather like wintertime, dry skin can cause different sensations and often first on the shin. For me I would totally call it “itchiness” but others might feel it differently.

For me dry skin on lower legs requires skin moisturizer In the winter - my doc especially recommended Eucerin.

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Do you have a small dog with a waggly tail?

I get this all the time.

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This normally happens when I’m laying down, but not only then.
I do get dehydrated and I have chronic low blood pressure.
And I drink coffee. So it could be that but I’ve been living this same life a long time and never had this before