Target BS

I am on a omni-pod and I recently changed my target BS from 130 to 150. I am curious what other athletes have their Target set at?



r u on a pump?

Yes. And my target blood sugar range is set to 95-110.

Mine is set at 85 with a suggested correction bolus obove 120.

i have mine set at 100, and 110 before bed.

100 during the day and 150 at night and early morning.

target range 120-150 and I aim for 150 at bedtime. I’m prone to lows so I aim a little higher - RL

Target 90-110 day and 100-150 at night. I think your target is too high, but you should discuss that with your endo and not take my word for it. Before exercising, I turn my pump down and will let it start to rise, but no higher than 130 before I work out.
If you are nervous about lows, consider a CGM.