Target rate

my sons target is 100-120 but we hardly ever reach it. our in goal% for the last 7 days is only 20%. I have upped his basal rates and changed his carb to insulin ratio still with no success. does anyone else have these problems?

Imagine that your target is strapped to the side of a running buffalo and that you are astride a galloping horse trying to hit the bullseye with a bow and arrow.

That’s how easy it is to consistently hit your target.

You’ll get better over time with practice, experience and a copy of “Pumping Insulin” as Dave_ suggests.

Don’t change anything without having a clear purpose in mind, keeping records and preparing a backup plan. This is not a guessing game.


thanks guys i will check out that book

First, I would strive to reach his target overnight. Once you have that time period under control that is almost half the day. And he would not be eating overnight (except for lows), so it should be easier. I would basal test him. Give him a low fat dinner at 5 pm. Four hours after that begin taking his blood sugar. Take it every two hours or every one hour, depending on what his tolerance is for fingersticks and what endo would prefer. Treat lows, but do not treat highs unless over 225. This will give you a pretty good idea of his night time basals. You do not want him to drop or rise more than 30 points overnight. With food, it is tricker. You can do a fasting or low fat, no carb basal test for morning, afternoon and evening periods. You will always have to keep readjusting as your son is a child and these needs change very frequently. But I would do a basal test across the board to get an idea of where you are now. Type 1 Diabetes by Ragnar Hanas gives a much better idea of how to adjust insulin in a child, whereas Pumping Insulin and Using Insulin by John Walsh addresses adults and children. Get all those books. Once you throw food into the mix, if you graze instead of having a regular meal schedule, it will be difficult to reach target BS as it takes a few hours after eating to come back to target. But if you can get the overnight figured out, and that would be easiest, you have already won half the battle. Good luck! I know you will be successful.