Target Update 3 -- Guess Who's Back?

I’ve been busy this week, my last week with my brother who is visiting from China, so I didn’t notice I was getting low on test strips. Really low. I ran out today and I had several things to do that were in the vicinity of Target. I went to the endcap where the strips usually are, but the spot for the OneTouch Ultras was empty. I went to the pharmacy counter, and what did I see but…

The same pharmacist who gave me so much grief and who had uncapped a syringe.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought she was supposed to be fired. I was told she would be fired, though that was dependent on the management seeing the pharmacist playing with an uncapped syringe while we were arguing. Still, you’d think that having an employee who nastily argues with customers would be enough to get her fired, regardless of what was captured on a video tape. So Target has lost my business. For good.

I still cannot believe person has her job. I’m just speechless.

Contact corporate office and let them know what has happened. They will truly do something.

I agree. Best you report to corporate office. Their employees may need a complete overhaul training on customer service and professional conduct.