Tattoo Idea's

My daughter is a type one diabetic and was diagnosed right after her 2nd birthday and would like to get a tattoo for her. Anyone have any good idea’s for one? Something different…

just look up temporary diabetic tattoos

You want the tat for yourself, right? Just checking.

There is a tattoo group here, check it out, inked diabetics. On a serious note, is this for you or her? It is not legal in most (if not all states) for kids to get tattoos. Most states say 16 or older with parent approval or 18 on up only.

Yes it’s for myself!!! What kind of mother would let their 3 year old get a tattoo???

I didn’t mean to sound snarky, I apologize if it came across that way. I only asked because a local DJ got investigated for a bit he did on the radio for April fool’s day. He pretended that he let his 6 year old get a tattoo and when he got home that day, child services were at his house and had opened an investigation. It was not pretty at all.

LOL!!! That’s funny, but I guess it’s his own fault!

It sounded so scary though, they brought cops and everything. Very rambo sounding! A friend of mine babysits for this guy’s kids and she verified that there were a ton of DFACs and cops there when she showed up in the afternoon to watch the kids.