dos anybody have good ideas for a medical alert tattoos

this was my second tattoo, not the greatest, but it was cool at the time. I’d like to make it a half sleeve from my elbow to shoulder and make it a little more graphic…good luck
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I’d like paramedics on the site to say whether they would look there for an alert.

Is there a specific spot to have a tattoo that I first responder knows where to look? I where a RoadID bracelet with a bright yellow band? A wrist tattoo seems like it would be incredibly painful!!!

There is a group called Inked Diabetics on this site. They have a discussion going about ID tattoos here:
I’m sure posting there would be helpful for getting some more info.
@ Bob, From some of what I have read, paramedics look at the wrists and the neck (for a necklace) so if you had a prominent tattoo on the wrist or forearm, they would likely see it. I feel like I have also read that the order of where they look is right wrist, then left (as most people are right handed and wear medical bracelets, etc, on their right b/c their watch is on the L…but that could be innaccurate so don’t quote me on that one :slight_smile:

I have a med alert tattoo on the inside of my forearm. It was more painful than the one on my foot (there are a lot of nerves and veins in your arms), but it wasn’t too bad. I have read articles that first responders are now being trained to look for tattoos on the wrists, arms and neck. I don’t know how far up the arm they go, but I got mine on the inside of my forearm because if they’re going to insert an IV, they’ll see it.