Our little doggie Taylor died today, April 5th 2010 (Easter Monday), at 10:10 am...sweet little Taylor was only 2 1/2.....and we miss him so xxxx

I am so very sorry xo

Thanks Robin…it happened in April. I just moved him from top billings on my page, to a little further down. Not that he’s now unimportant…heaven knows how much that little guys meant to us…but the pain isn’t a raw as it was then.

Linda, I missed reading this till today …and keep loving those four legged KIDS

Thanks Nel…I miss the little guy. The sweet little lamb.I miss hearing his sigh after he jumped on the bed and snuggled behind my knees before falling asleep!

I love that pose on the sofa! One arm up, looking so nonchalant!

22 years!!! That’s quite the pusscat accomplishment!! Can’t get another cat…I developed asthma when we had our Meeko. Thinking about another wee dog, likely a poodle mix…perhaps with a cocker spaniel. Can’t be done during the school year though. Logically I should wait a few years 'till I retire…but that’s almost a full decade if I don’t retire early!! We’ll see.