TDD After Honeymoon

For those of you that have experienced the honeymoon phase of type 1, what kind of increase in your total daily insulin dose did you see? Did you start out after diagnosis injecting a small amount of insulin and then notice a marked increase when the honeymoon was over? I started injecting approximately 5-10 units a day at diagnosis and now I’m up to about 30 units a day. I realize this is not an exact science, but I’d like to compare with others to see if I’m close to the end of the honeymoon, or if there’s still a ways to go.

While the pattern of increasing insulin needs following a “honeymoon” period when diagnosed with LADA, a slow onset form of T1D, comparisons with others may not give you much good data.

Have you ever had a c-peptide blood test? That test will reveal how much native insulin your pancreas produces. People in the honeymoon phase will be above the lab’s lower limit but below the lower limit of the normal range.

I’m long past any honeymoon and my c-peptide usually comes in at < 0.1, the lab’s lowest measurable level. Someone in honeymoon may test at 0.3. I think examining the results of your c-peptide will give you a more reliable indicator whether you’re nearing the end of your honeymoon or not.

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I agree this is a good idea. I have also heard that a fasting insulin blood test at same time is helpful.

Info on fasting insulin

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Honeymoon periods can really vary per person, from 6 months to 8 years plus. Usually a T1 needs insulin within the first 2 years of diagnosis, but even that can vary for example if you go low carb, use some medications or how soon you are diagnosed .

Your insulin needs go up as time goes on and you slowly stop making insulin. But they can also vary which can drive you a little nuts.

Thanks for your responses. I have not yet had a c-peptide test but I will bring that up to my endo at my next appointment.