Tears and Thanks, my jboy is home

Hi, everyone! My Jboy is back home today. So many tears and more to come, just being thankful to God that he was released. Had my youngest daughter with me when we picked him up, she was glad he was coming home and she hugged him for a long time and of course there I was crying and relieved.

When I say that I never want to lose him is because we have so much history together, I could write a love story between us. We met at my job when I was a manager for Taco Cabana, he was a little tipsy when he met me. He asked my boss if I was single, boss came and asked if he could say I was single. Told him, yes.

And the rest is history, him saving me from a flood in our old neighborhood. He was riding the city bus from North Austin to East Austin took him 2 hrs to get to us and when the bus driver skip the bus stop where we had lived…Jboy told the bus driver to stop and when the bus driver wouldn’t stop, Jboy kicked the door down and went thru the high waters to get me.

I remember saving the neighbors in our apt complex with my two oldest sons and their friend. We had formed a line for the neighbors, mostly children and babies on their relatives. Getting them to high ground, when the last person got past me…I looked up the dark sky and asked God ‘who was going to save me now.’ Five feet away from I heard this voice say ‘patti, are you ok’ I looked up and saw my hero with an umbrella and the light from the building was shining against him. We both came together and he took me to the high grounds. Told me and my four kids, my foster daughter and her baby to stay on high ground and he would go back to the apt. But than, he remembered that some underground workers had left the pullies in the drainage…he went to one of the drainages and pulled out the pully that was blocking the flood waters from going down.

The water started going down, and the neighbors were rejoicing for what my husband did. I will always remember that when things get tough, the flood waters will go down and you shall rejoice.

I’m rejoicing that my Jboy is home. He completes me. Right now he’s singing to the granddaughter, singing ’ step to the left step to the right come on over to popo’ We both start to laugh with her. She says ‘Popo, I love you’

You see, Diabetes can’t have my husband, cause we have him. I love you all for responding to me cause I felt lost there for a little while. I found my way back, to my family here in Tud. Thanks, everyone. Love Patti

Well good that everything is in ok, I hate those episodes that we have to go through. take care

Patti …lots of love coming your way from Canada :slight_smile:

What a hero, what a romance!

Very happy your hubby is home & all is well–yay!

Wow, you could make a film from that!! How darned romantic, So so glad Jboy is home with you and among the people who love him (for good reason!!) Thats the way things should be x x x

Well that was a Love Story. Now i see Why you Love Him…So glad he is home…God Bless…Take Care…

What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. I’m glad things are turning out ok.

I just got chills and a tear! What a wonderful love you two have for each other and your family! Wow! Glad he is home. Sweet love you two have.

So sweet!

Sending you love and prayers Patti… How wonderful love can be…

Patti, I am so happy for you. Its awful when we worry about those who are so important to us I’m so glad he’s home and prays he stays well. I am going thru that same stress and worry as my youngest son has been sick at college and been in the hospital with a high BP… they’ve done lots of tests, so now we just wait to hear … its hard not being able to be there with him. Family is our most precious gift. I pray you both stay happy and healthy.

Love you Patti…so very happy for you xxxx