Technology Overload?

I spend most of my working day in a web-saavy world - that should be an 8 hour work day, however:
I awake to my Blackberry alarming.
I check my BG as soon as my feet hit the floor.
I click whatever button requires attention on my Ping.
Coffee brews in a pre-programmed maker. It smells so good.
Sipping coffee, I chat online because I love getting updates from the kids.
Beep - an email has arrived on the phone. Response needed, now!
Beep,beep - husband is texting about something silly.
Ring,ringg, ringgg - that same phone is ringing. Which button to answer? Oh darn I missed it!
Beep--Beep - voicemail alert. Was it an important call? I'd better check. What's the password?
ALARM ALARM ALARM ALARM ALARM - Oh crap, I forget to click for my breakfast bolus.

Technology overload, before my workday begins!
One starts to wonder if a day of totally unplugged life wouldn't be so bad.

Hi Nancy. Maybe it’s time for a vacation to a State or National Park, one with lots of trees where cell phone. etc. signals are blocked? Maybe just a radio for a voice from civilization, an ice chest and a Frio or two. Well, that set me to dreaming!

Trudy - you are right on!! Currently packing the pop-up trailer with gear for a five -week adventure (without technology) visiting many state, national and provincal parks on this continent. Technology only for photographic purposes (plus my insulin pump). Frio yes, but I sure am looking forward to having the little fridge instead of the ice chest. A dream trip of a lifetime to celebrate my hubby’s retirement and my 49th year of T1D. Will post pics on occasion, when electrical is available. Nancy

Have fun! I look forward to your photos.

That sounds wonderful! Have a blast :slight_smile: