Does anyone know of great site that would help me stay informed on new technology. We are thinking about a pump for my 7 year old and are leaning towards the ping but wanted to see if anything else is coming out.

One of my favorite sites is diaTribe…

There is actually an article about the Ping in one of the back issues which you can access. The cellnovo(looks VERY intriguing) and the solo are discussed here as well. I considred the Ping before finally making the decision to go with the OmniPod. I love it.

Well there is the solo pump and the cellnovo, and another one I can’t remember the name of - but I wouldn’t wait personally. I think there are some very exciting things happening in that department, but they take so long that I think it’s better to just pick from what’s on the market now - or you will always be waiting for the next thing in the works. Those pumps were all “in the works” when we picked the Omnipod over a year ago - as were the smaller pods, integration with a CGM etc. And I’m glad for my son’s sake that we just went with something we could get. The omnipod has been great for him, and a year of pumping is better than a year of MDI in our case despite the small issues we have. The solo is trialing in the Netherlands in 2011 and if that goes well they plan to launch globally in 2012, and that assumes they have no problems with the FDA or any other issues in the mean time.

That’s just my 2 cents. I know the Children With Diabetes website usually stays pretty updated with latest pumps - and they hold a technology conference a couple of times a year. Other than that, I just google new pumps every now and then . . .

Good luck - I’ve heard great things about the ping!

I was afraid the omnipod would be too big for my 7 year old and not sure how well it would work with gymnastics and soccer. Have you had any experience with that. Also, on the pump are you able to eat lunch and 1 hour later eat a snack if you want? without waiting 2 hours after the lunch insulin?

Check out our Omnipod users group here. We have lots of kids younger than 7 using the Omnipod and playing sports.

I agree that the CWD site is a good resource, too!

Yes, you can eat with much more flexibility on a pump. I can decide to eat seconds or dessert and just take additional insulin.

We just started the Omnipod three weeks ago~ I have a 7 year old son that is VERY active and a 100% boy! There are a lot of wonderful things to help the pod stay in place and help with it. WE LOVE the POD! My son loves the no tubing and it was the ONLY one he would consider!
I think being a REALLY active kid~ this was the only option! I can tell you all about what we have been doing to keep it sturdy and we have not had a problem with it ripping off. We did however have one rip off on our trial pod. The boys were outside playing tackle football and we had nothing to protect it. My son is ALWAYS running and always in motion~I highly suggest the Omnipod! My son is also VERY tall and skinny so I was wondering is he had enough FAT for it but so far it has worked WONDERFULLY! Another thing that A friend told me about the pump selection~ is make sure you like the person that will be doing your pump start as you will have constant contact with them and they will help you learn a lot. GOOD luck to your selection. Please let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Diabetesmine will keep you apprised of new technology, the latest pumps, future technology. John Walsh’s site, or diabetes mall goes into great detail and has comparison charts on pumps, cgms, etc. (the best for quick, cut and dried comparison). Walsh will have it all on one page. CWD will give experiental, anecdotal parental advice and you can join forums and ask questions. Joshualevy gives updates on the latest research on possible cures and links to the research itself (will save you a good deal of time, does all the leg work for you). ScienceDaily for quick updates. has a great website with info on Type 1 and Type 2. There are some bloggers with a technological bent, in addition to DM; scott’s technology blog and diabetes.daily come to mind.