TEDxDelMar conference on type 1 diabetes live feed and chat

Thanks so much Manny for arranging for us to have a feed of the conference! Loads of great speakers, lots of info on research and what innovations are coming down the pike. Topics ranged from long-term implantable CGMs to Is There a Pig in Your Future? The conference can be watched here.

It was so much fun to pop in and out of the chat room and watch with TuD friends (old and new). Really nice to be able to have real-time conversation with each other!

I didn’t get to see it all, but was really pleased to hear Dr. Athena Tsimikas’ talk on surviving a hospital stay. They’ve developed a wonderful education/advocacy program at the Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute. Sounds like a hospital where they ‘get’ diabetes!

Dr. David Gough talked about the long-term implantable glucose monitor in development. Sounds great!

If you were there, or watched later, what was the most exciting thing you heard?