Teens Will Trick You "A Diabetes Tidbit"

Teens are a challenge especially when dealing with diabetes and they will try to trick you. Check out this weeks diabetes tidbit


Have your daughter read the 30+ year diabetic forums here. All about the complications that many of us are dealing with due to less control that we had in the years past. Not just the big things, but many small things like frozen shoulders, carpral tunnel issues, slow vision issues, balance issues. It all adds up, and it will make a difference in the years to come.

Also, work on the understanding part. As a diabetic in my teenage years, it was so hard to find understanding. I also did some really dumb things in those years too. Teen years are hard enough, adding a life threatening desease to the mix just make it downright frustrating at times.

That's funny.I used to do that when I was a teen. But its not so funny when you are older and experiencing complications from all of the negligence.