Teflon still a thing?

Does anyone know if all the non-steel infusion sets are still lined with Teflon? Thx.

I believe that the “plastic” cannulas’ needles of our insulin infusin sets aren’t lined but are entirely teflon (PTFE). The rest of the tubing is PE or PVC.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mention the lining of the metal cannula’s. You might try calling the supplier and asking if you need to know.

@pstud123 has it right. Teflon is just the brand name for that particular sort of plastic, of which the entire cannula is made. It gets a bad rep for flaking off cookware and into our food, but it’s pretty much the mainstay for medical use because our bodies rarely react to it. It’s considered inert, and thus medically safe.

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Thank you for your answers! I started with soft cannulas, but every set would look like a boil by the second day, then take a long time to heal. So, it sounds like it’s steel for me. I liked that the plastic rarely hurt, though, and would switch back in an instant if there was an alternative.

My mom used Teflon pans from the minute they were invented, so maybe that’s where I got the reactivity.

Thanks Marie. That site covers it well