Tegaderm/Hibacleanse for skin problems with the pod

Is anyone using Tegaderm with the pods? I am still having skin problems (got a new rash this morning) … and so I’m going to try Tegaderm again. Do you have to punch a hole in it for the cannula to go through?

Has anyone tried Hibacleanse?

Don’t know…but good luck, Erika. I hope this works for you.

I have used Tegaderm under my pod before; and no, I didn’t have to punch a hole in it prior to applying the pod.

I would call Insulet and ask them what they recommend you use as a barrier. They are there to help. I have not tried Hibacleanse. Yes, I do believe you need to punch a hole for the cannula if I remember what I have read in the past.

We use to use Hibaclense when I worked in an open heart unit before surgery to clean the skin and kill off some of there bacteria. It works for preping the skin, but I would think its a little rough on the skin to use often.

The OmniPod is rough o my skin because its so heavy compared to just an infusion set from the other pumps. The best way Ive found is to change the pump site every 2 days instead of three and go liberal with aloe and vitamin E lotion/oil to help heal.

If your truly having a reaction, allergy, to the site you need to talk with your doctor.

Tegaderm is wonderful for some and rough for others. Its bad for me as well. The white portion of the pod is called Hypafix tape. You can buy 50 yards of a 2" roll for 10 dollars and it sticks very well alone or with skin prep, Allkare or mastisol or you sweat like crazy.

The other thing is that Tegadrm and Mastisol are made to stick. Like concrete. When you take them off, you can very easilly tear off a little skin with it leaving the raw skin I think your talking about.

Erika - When I had a PICC line from October 09 through January of this year the outpatient clinic at my hospital used Tegaderm HP (which is Tegaderm hypoallergenic) for me as I was breaking out big time with regular Tegaderm. Not many drug stores carry it, I ended up buying mine online and using that for a while after my PICC line was removed. I’ve used it with the OmniPod also and I didn’t poke a hole in it…worked fine.

Do you need a barrier between the pod and your shin. Soap and water and a little skin prep should work. Doesnt it stick without the barrier film?

Betadine isnt really a skin prep. Its an antiseptic to sterilize the area prior to use. Everyones skin is different. I would try and find the hypafix tape. Its the same white adhesive on the pod and wrap some of that over or around if your having adhesive problems. If your not having adhesive problems just apply the pod. If you dont get any local infection, soap and water is great vs Betadine…

If you are having problems with the adhesive being to strong( I have the opposite), you need to use an adhesive remover. Skin prep makes one in a bottle. Dip the tip od a cotton swab in it and peel jsut a little of the Pod off and apply the remover with the Q-Tip and let it work. It works very well and is gentle on the skin. Then aloe and vitamin E.

Skin Preps and Tegaderm… help adhesion. Its usually 99 degrees and 99% humidity here in S. Florida so I use that stuff religiously. But, adhesive remover works awesome. Just take your time applying it and it works wonders without the dermatitis you ge from tearing it off…