Teleconference Endocrinologist?

Does not need to be that pricey. I ebayed for two motoGs, got them used but fully functional for $40-$45, found a pebble for $60, and just found a second white pebble for $70 used on amazon. I run one rig at home on WiFi only, so no phone line charges, and since I'm in a good Sprint area have my away rig running on Ting, data only and pre tax runs $9 a month. Will be more if you do not cut off text/phone on the ting website. Th a random spam call or text can add a few bucks to your monthly usage charge.

I want to thank everyone for the replies....within 1 week of posting this and contacting Integrated Diabetes, we had a phone consultation and they helped me emmensely! They had lots of advice, knew everything about pumps and CGM, pediatrics, etc. The best part is, so far the adjustments we made ARE WORKING! I paid for the consult out of pocket, but it was worth it. I think that my Flex spending account might cover it. I'm so happy! It's like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders not having to wait and wait and wait to get in to a doctor while things got worse and worse and worse. I didn't have to request time off work or pull her out of school. So awesome.

That's great. Happy 2015!

Awesome group! Glad you found the help you needed.
Happy New Year!