Tell Me I'm Not Alone :(

Ok… Today, I am just a little annoyed with my insulin pump. Last week my pump was great. I only had one sugar high the entire week. This week I have crazy amounts of sugar highs. I know my monthly friend is coming to visit me soon, so does this change my sugar? Do I have to have a different basal rate for every possible scenario?
Last night, I changed my pump reservoir because my sugar would not drop. I’m not eating anything crazy… Well, I did have one Margarita at dinner two days ago, but come on this needs to get easier. I’m getting tired of my diabetes again. I’m feeling discouraged. I really don’t want to pity myself, but God It’s been 10 years. I’m tired of pricking my fingers 20 times a day, I’m tired of counting carbs, I’m tired of all the extra crap I have to pack anytime I travel. When will this get easier? I just want to know I’m not the only one that gets frustrated. I need to know I’m not alone.

Yes we all get frustrated. and yes you need basals for all scenarios. especially the week before

I guess I’m just being whinny today. No doubt, I feel this way because of my monthly friend :wink: I’ll be over it by tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appt. next week Tuesday, so I will talk to my doctor and make some changes.

I hear you Diana! I always feel bad about it (cause i should be “stronger” and mastering this diabetes thing), but I have break-downs when i am just sick of it! You are not alone! Hope that you’re able to sort this out :slight_smile:

It’s so not fair, and I wish I could tell you things get easier. I have meltdowns from getting so tired of all the crap. It’s been 41 years, and some things are so much better, but it stinks and is such a burden

I promise you are so far from being alone!! It is still hard, but we understand exactly how you feel; I promise. I have my good days and then those days where I just want to throw in the towel and give up. But we don’t. We hang in there because it is what we have to do, and we are all hear to support you during those horrible down days where nothing seems to make it better!

I just realized who your monthly friend is. Okay, well, enough about that (squirm)…

Go ahead and whine my friend, this disease sucks. I’m a 17 year vet and I still get frustrated like I did when I was a noobie. If only Type 1 was an exact science that we could treat with a magic formula…every day would be cream cheese. We all know that it’s not that simple, and thats why the people on this forum are so dang helpful…up until now I was pretty much trapped in my own personal diabetic bubble.

Diabetes ain’t going nowhere, so don’t stress on it too much. Just do your best…keep your head up and roll with the punches. Next round of margaritas are on me :slight_smile:


Bartender let me get one more…Just keep it open I think we’re gonna be here for a while :slight_smile:

You are totally not alone. If it helps any, my numbers tend to shoot straight through the roof the week prior to “that time o’ the month”, then they run lower than normal. Sometimes they only run low for a day or two and shoot right back up again, but I’m never sure what’s going to happen. There’s always some frustration.

Oh, and sign me up for the margaritas, too, please. :wink:

This is like a support group meeting :slight_smile: Where we all go around and say, “Diabetes sucks!”, then drink margaritas!!

lol. it is!

margaritas make my bg go sky high…I’ll take wine, please!

You all are great!!! Thank you so much.

Oh we all go through it. I’ve been at this for 23 years next month. And around my time of the month I always have crazy blood sugars. It always has it’s frustrating times for me. Some times I will go months and not get frustrated with all the pricks and pokes and insulin pumps. And then I will hit a time when I just wish I could ignor it all (knowing full well that I can’t). It’s not fair. But at least there are others who share your frustrations. You aren’t alone.

I saw an artical several years ago where a 14 type 1 was dealing with Diabetes.
He had a cute name for it when got frustrated. It became his Diabeasty I have always looked at that when I am struggling with control.

Thats a fun name Diabeasty i like that. i will use it the next time the beast comes out!

I’m a bartender (part time) and I just made a bunch of Margaritas I’d be happy to pour ya’ll a bunch. I don’t have your visitor but I can still say “This Diabetes thing SUCKS !!”

don you just cracked me up! YYYYYYYYYYY margaritas for all

I’m coming up on 29 years with Diabetes - and yes, there are times when I feel so out of control, like I can’t do anything right, and just want to scream!!! But then other times, there are days when everything just goes will and I almost forget what I do isn’t “normal”. As a new pumper too, I have to admit, it’s almost like learning everything all over again. I’m getting frustrated at times, and I’ve been getting a lot of lows and hate feeling like I have to take it easy and ask my husband for help when I’m crashing. Gggrrrr. But, I’m trying to remind myself (and you too) that in another month or so, we will be old pros at the pumping thing. This adjustment period will be a distant memory. And yes, things still won’t go perfectly every day - but we’ll have no problem making the adjustments needed to get us right back on track.

Hang in there, and let me know if you need someone to vent to or commiserate with!!