Temp Basal +40% when sick w/ temp?

My daughter has been sick with a fever since Wednesday night. Her fever without Tylenol and Motrin hits 103-104. Today is day one with zero ketones in the morning and I had her running at a +30% all day yesterday and all night. I cancelled the temp last night for one hour and of course her bg’s went up again. I can’t get her under 200 during the day. Would bumping the temp to 40% be a good idea or is that pushing it? We’ve only been pumping since the last week in May. Doc said it’s viral.

I have no advice except - please call the endo.

I agree with Colleen. A phone call the your daughter’s endo is in order. We know that the bg goes up when we are ill. There have been times where my doctor isn’t worried about the increase, if it’s only a couple of days. There are other times when they want me to address it agressively. Hope she feels better soon.

Thanks Colleen and Carman, I’m calling the endo for a plan. I took Naomi to the regular dr to get checked out today and left with a script for antibiotics, and pseudoephedrine as she has a throat infection/sinus infection.

Heh your endo actually gets back to you, on a weekend with a pump question?


Id try bumping it up for a few hours, of course checking the blood sugar every few hours…

Your milage may vary. but usually (for me) sometimes that 10% just does the job…Iv had to crank the temp basal up by 60% (160%) … but I usually do starting by +20% then adding 10% if it keeps creeping up every 4 hours (during the day)…

Should I not have called the endo? They did call me back, they always call me back but I don’t call very often, in fact this is the first time since we started pumping that I’ve called outside of office hours. I called on Thursday for the first time since we started pumping but they had me call them back every three hours with updates after making changes to her basals (she had moderate ketones Thursday AM). I think we might be spoiled by our endo team huh? :slight_smile: I think it’s because they know I might go rouge without guidance. You should have seen the look on their faces when they found out I got the Dex and just went for it without any training! HA! My daughter was dx’d last October so we’ve moved to the pump pretty quick, so I’m told.

So yes, the endo called back and had me bump her up to +50% on her basal until I go to bed and then I’m turning her down to +30%. The late afternoon and evening bg’s were 300+, hopefully she’ll come down soon.

Thanks for your tips on slowly increasing throughout the day, I’ll give that a whirl tomorrow if she’s still running so high.

I think you do what makes you comfortable. It seems like you endo was okay that you called. They helped you make the adjustments. I’m glad the endo is responsive to you and your concerns about your daughter. It’s a sign of a good and caring doctor. I hope she does better with the increase as well as getting over the sinus and throat infections.

No. I would most definitely call the endo, but I’v never had luck with them getting back to me on stuff like that during the weekend (or during the week for that matter, kinda get a well you can make an appoinment when i just need a , yeah thats a good idea, or no, dont do it that much… You are spoiled by your endo team… As Carman put it, you do what your most comfortable with. but at some point, youll get more comfortable with making minor tweaks on your own.

Well, it’s been awhile since that bug came to visit Naomi but she’s better now. I wanted to let you know what a NIGHTMARE of a time we had at the local immediate care - it was a Sunday. I was told 3x to take her to the ER and that they were not going to look at her there because her sugar levels were too high. She was 300 when I took her in but that was because she had just eaten lunch and was already high to begin with. Naomi and I now joke that the medical assistant should have just used a fork when she took her blood sugar level because she left Naomi’s little finger dripping major amounts of blood all over and didn’t even give her a cotton ball or anything to wipe it off. The MA also put down on the records that she was lethargic and had a tummy ache (signs of DKA) even though she didn’t have either!!! She was sitting up, talkative, was negative for ketones and was just super sick. I had to repeat to them over and over that I was not there because of her diabetes and that if our endo told us to go to the ER I would get her there in a flash but I wanted the doctor to evaluate her like every other child and confirm she didn’t have a major sinus/ear infection going on. Well, finally the doctor came in and I had to tell the DR the same thing and eventually he agreed to look her over and what do you know…she had a major throat infection (not strep though) and sinus infection. He handed us script for antibiotics, sudafed (which requires script here in our state thanks to meth users) and told me to get her some Afrin! The antibiotics worked of course. I was so mad. My son came down with the same bug exactly two weeks later on the very same night Naomi came down with it…he also ended up on antibiotics (he doesn’t have T1).

Thanks for all your help and suggestions when this was going on!!!