Temp Basal not on Control Iq

I currently have a Medtronic pump and currently have a Tandem Control IQ on order… I Use the temporary basal quite often. with my Medtronic . How do you use the Tandem IQ for situations where you would like to use temp basals?
Different sights on my stomach absorb insulin differently.

The easiest way would be to set up a different “personal profile” for each one, or general profile for "good absorbance"and a different one for “poor absorbancy”, or whatever works for you.

You can have to to 6 different personal profiles. I use 4, 0% (for long disconnects without alarms), and 50%, 100%, or. 150% of my “normal” profile. Since Control-IQ is going to adjust my basal constantly anyway (I run sleep mode most of the time), it doesn’t have to be exact.

You can very easily duplicate any existing profile, then go through and increase/decrease the appropriate values, instead of re-entering everything. Just give it a different name so you can easily identify the different profiles.

It would add a few button pushes to the load procedure. After completing the usual fill/change steps, you’d go into the Personal Profiles options, select the appropriate profile, and "activate"it. Thus, easily telling the pump to use these new settings parameters for your different absorbancy.

You also CAN use temp rates, still. You just have to toggle Control-IQ off in the settings menu. The option to set a Temp Basal rate is under the Activities menu. You’ll give up pump automation when doing this, though, so the different Personal Profiles is probably the better option.

A lot of people are frustrated that they took Temp Rates away with Control-IQ. I highly suspect we’ll be getting this back in the update anticipated this summer.

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Robyn - I, for one, am one of those people who are disappointed that temp basal (as we knew it with Tslim original) feature is now gone for the most part.

I absolutely love your solution for having different profiles with different percentages. I have the same problem as the original poster and have been muddling along for what seems like forever. I am going to sit down this afternoon and figure out those ‘new’ percentages. Thank You for helping.

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If you’re not a “sleeping beauty” (24/7 sleep mode), be careful with the percentages. Your set basal rate matters a lot more when you’re running in default mode and the pump leaves you to your own devices between 112-160. You might need profiles with smaller adjustments.

I am running the 24/7 sleep mode, however certain areas of my body have vastly different absorbency rates. Having a different percentage profile might save me from having to do more manual corrections. I always make ‘small’ changes because I have a healthy respect for both the good and the not so good things insulin can do for me.

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