Temperature Alert on Tslim

I’ve had the tslim pump now for 5 months. I usually charge the battery riding home from work in the car, or sometimes while I’m in the shower. Never before has it given me a temperature alert while charging the battery. But now the last 2 days everytime I try and charge it, I get that stupid temperature alert. At first I thought it was because I still had it in the clip-on case so I took it out of the case when I charged it. But it’s still giving me that temperature alert the second I plug it up to charge, and it is not in any way warm, or cold… Ideas?

I sometimes find my pump gets really warm if it’s plugged in for a while charging, but I’ve never gotten a temperature alarm. That’s interesting. Did you call their customer service?

I posted a reply to your other thread warning you to take immediate action on this concern. This is a genuine personal safety matter. Lithium-ion battery failures were at the root of the Samsung Note recall recently. I would call tech support right now!

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Agree with Terry.

I called Tech support. They asked me if the room was humid or the temperature way high or low…answer is no…and also the temperature alert started rhe the second I plugged it into the charger…both the car charger and the house charger…
So they are sending me a replacement pump but Im ticked off because its a refurbished pump! Ive only had my new pump since August…so I wanted them to send another new one since this thing cost $6000…but no, if you have it more than 30 days and it messes up you only get a refurbished one…

I wouldn’t be concerned with the quality of the refurbished serial number. As long as you’re under warranty, Tandem’s interest aligns with yours to give you a solid serviceable unit.

My pump died before I could get to the charger and now it’s over heating when I try to charger (or at least it says it is). It is hot to the touch but not as if it’s burning you. I plan on calling tomorrow and getting a new one. I’ve only had the pump for 4 month. I too will be upset if they decide to send me a “refurbished” one. In my opinion, new pumps are more likely to preform better than repaired pumps. I’m glad someone posted about this. Currently have my pump charging on a bag of ice to hopefully get enough life to have it replaced.

They are available 24x7

Technical and Customer Support

We put as much effort into standing behind our products as we do into designing them. Our Customer Support Team is staffed by highly trained, enthusiastic representatives based in San Diego, California, many of whom use insulin pumps themselves.


(877) 801-6901
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Do you have a back-up plan for pump failures? Any basal insulin on hand? If you do, I think that would be preferable to charging a pump that has already complained with high heat.

I’d even consider injecting short-acting insulin on an hourly basis instead of force-feeding a reluctant pump. I’m not aware of the battery chemistry of the system you’re using but batteries can fail catastrophically and cause some real drama.

I wouldn’t be afraid of a refurbished pump backed by a warranty from an original manufacturer. I’ve used many refurbished pumps over the years and found their reliability just as good as the new pumps, maybe better.

Yep! I’ve got Lantis and a Humalog Pen. It charged up to 50% and I didn’t want to push it any further. Currently waiting on a call back from Tandem.

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