Ten Down, Twenty to Go

Happy Monday, all!

I'm slightly more chipper than usual as the work week looms ahead. I've got two reasons for my sunny disposition: 1. Wednesday is a holiday and a day off from work!!! 2. I have lost four more pounds since last Monday!

These dramatic results have come from loosely following the South Beach Diet. The first two weeks (Phase I) are a crash course in learning to live without carbs. Well, sort of. It's not as if no carbs are allowed, but the diet focuses primarily on lean protein and veggies up the wazoo. My average Humalog intake per day has been 2cc, down from my previous average of 20cc.

As excited as I am about the weight loss and reduction in insulin dosage (not to mention superb energy levels), I doubt I would be able to maintain a regimen as strict as Phase I dictates. Those of you who are familiar with South Beach know that now is the time (Phase II) to start incorporating some healthy carbs into the routine, such as fruit and minimal amounts of whole grains. Thank goodness! Needless to say, my weight loss will slow to a healthy rate.

Being vegetarian poses an extra challenge in adhering to a protein-heavy diet, but thanks to the wonders of soy and corn, I can get a vegetarian equivalent of nearly any meat! Most of them are fat-free or low in fat, as well as low in carbs.

Low-carbing has all but wiped out blood sugar fluctuation, and has lead to increased energy and less moodiness. I feel healthy and extremely encouraged!

You’re lucky you can have soy! I wish I could but as someone who’s hypothyroid, I can’t, at least not regularly. I’m in the process of preparing myself to get off sugar–I’m a total addict and I KNOW it’s making me insulin resistant, next step Type 2 diabetes, NO THANKS. So after the first of the year I’m done. The complete overindulgence of the holidays is actually helping me get there–today, looking at all the cookies & cake and sugary stuff lying around the office, I started to feel sick just looking at it. So it’s time for me to hit the veggies and lean protein too. Best of luck to you!