Terrible 2's

So today he started heading low and I corrected with 1/4 box of juice. I set the juice box on the table (pretty high up). Later I’m wondering why his sugars are heading up higher than I predicted they should be based on the amount of juice I gave him. I looked for the juice box. It was gone. I asked my oldest son has he seen the juice box I had sat on the table. He says…“Yeah, Liam gave it to me and asked me to put it in the trash can.” The juice box was empty…

Yay! So now we have to put all food/drinks away because he’s now in the “let me just eat/drink myself without telling anyone” phase!

Can’t wait to see how much fun this is going to be :: said no one…ever ::


I know you are upset over the numbers…but look at the bright side he DID ask to put the box in the trash…

Time to watch the little fellow…he is cheeky for sure :slight_smile:


Yeah, and I think by asking to put it in the trash he was actually trying to “hide the evidence”. Definitely gonna have to watch him. lol.

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Just thank your lucky stars he hasn’t developed a taste for cat food and coffee beans. Couldn’t keep my daughter out of those two “foods” when she was two. The coffee beans, not a huge issue except for the never sleeping. But the cat food: the dry stuff is loaded with carbs!

Yuck! He has been into the cat food!!!..but only to dump the entire bowl into their water bowl. Thanks goodness he hasn’t eaten the stuff. Blek.

YET, you mean. Eternal vigilance must be your watchword . . . but of course you know that. :laughing:


Our older one is the food sneaker. Drives me nuts, but usually he “cleans up” the evidence. It just scares me because our younger one could easily develop that habit.

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Nothing else will be left out. The order has been handed down to everyone in the house. Out of sight, “hopefully” out of mind.

[quote=“rgcainmd, post:4, topic:57988, full:true”]
Just thank your lucky stars he hasn’t developed a taste for cat food and coffee beans.
[/quote]A sprinkle of oregano and a sprig or two of spearmint and cat food and coffee beans – mixed, of course – make a most appetizing Thanksgiving side dish.

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I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard kids get easier around the time they turn 40. :wink:


That’s what I’ve heard too, and I can’t wait.

We’re going through the Terrible Twenties right now with one of ours.


My wife still says I’m a bigger kid than any of our others and I just turned 44, so at least in my case, that’s not true. :stuck_out_tongue: