Terrible back spasm : inset and ice etc

I have a bad lower back spasm. I put my inset near it without thinking. Can I put ice over the inset and lidocaine gel etc?

I have no idea, but I hope you feel better soon!

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In general I believe you can. But, this is just my policy, if I have a site that hurts I pull it immediately. For me it is was way to much risk to risk it.

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Thanks Marie💕

The pain is not from the site, I think it is a pulled muscle sciatica. I put it there after the spasm started without thinking about. I may change the site early though in case it is making it worse.

So far I am putting the ice near but not on the inset and gel around it.

Yes usually I pull a painful site too, unless bg is ok, then I wait because sometimes it stops hurting.

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